Modify a Style in Word

Did you know that Word has built-in styles for headings, body text, and lists? Using these built-in styles allows you to create consistency in a documents look and feel, and to easily change the entire look of a document. Find Styles in the Ribbon You can find these styles in the “Ribbon”. If you are not sure how to open the ribbon Microsoft has a how-to guide. You can also use keyboard shortcuts to show/hide the Ribbon: Windows Cntrl + F1 Mac Command + Option + R Modify styles – 2 ways From the styles pane Select the item you … Continue reading Modify a Style in Word

Free APIs you can use to generate fake data

This post is more for the developers out there, but those working with data in general may find it useful or interesting. There are often times in development where you simply need to generate some data. Well, that’s where fake data APIs come in! Here are some of my favorites: The Dog API The Dog API can be used to retrieve images of dogs. One of the cool things about this API is that you can specify what breed of dog you are looking for. The project maintainers are also accepting requests for new dogs! Cat as a service (CATAAS) … Continue reading Free APIs you can use to generate fake data

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River Stories – A Delaware River Sojourn

Last summer, students in “River Stories,” an English and Environmental Studies class taught by Betsy Bolton, canoed a stretch of the Delaware River from Lackawaxen, PA to the Delaware Water Gap. Taking time to shoot photography, keep journals, and write … Continue reading River Stories – A Delaware River Sojourn